Month: May 2018

Time to Go the Solar Way

If you were to get thousands of dollars, in the form of savings, every year, would that be a good deal? Well, this is what you end up getting when you convert to solar power. This is free energy and the beauty of it is that it is renewable. Solar panels have become cheaper and readily available for all users. The sun is the main source of thermal energy and the good news is that you will not have to pay for it. The only cost that you will incur is that of buying the solar panels and other components, as well as the installation cost.

All the functions that you get from other sources of energy can be derived from solar power as well. The solar panels are useful in converting the thermal energy into electrical energy and for sure this will reduce your monthly budget for energy. Solar panels are made in different sizes and when you want to install them in your home, you will need to have a professional installer analyze your needs. This will help in deciding the right size of solar panels that will be installed in your home. You will use solar energy for all your domestic appliances.

You have several solar panels installed so as to be able to meet your energy needs adequately. The panels have semi-conductors, and they work together to form a PN junction. When the solar energy comes into contact with these panels, it is converted into electrical energy. This power can be utilized in running appliances like water heaters, ACs, mixers and so many others. As a result, you will not have to pay hefty electricity bills at the end of the month.

There are some DIY solar kits that are available from the stores and this would be a good place to start. You do not have to incur the heavy cost of buying large solar panels, as the kits will serve the purpose. There are also tutorials that are offered on how to assemble the solar panel kits on your own and this will reduce the investment. It means that you will not need to hire a professional installer as the kits come with clear instructions. All you will need is some handy tools to help in the installation of the panels. You will need to pick the ideal place for the solar panels to get sufficient solar energy.

There’s a tree service that have helped a lot of solar panel installations that have been clearing areas with trees to place solar panels. They have been removing the trees so that the other installation works can be started. You can check them in their website just click here.

From whatever angle you may want to look at it, solar panels are the way to go. This will save almost 90% of the electricity expenses that you spend. With such a huge saving, there is no possible reason why you should not give the solar power a try, in your home or even business.

If you are not sure on how to go about it, consult a professional installer and they will guide you. You will start making savings from the first day, of the installation and therefore by the end of the year, you will have thousands of dollars.

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What Has Made Solar Panels Popular?

Most households end up spending thousands of dollars on electricity bills, and this can be demoralizing. What if you could find a way of reducing this cost by over 80%? Well, this may sound like a fantasy, but that is the reality of solar power. A good number of people have embraced the concept of solar energy and this why solar panels are gaining popularity by the day. With the use of solar power, a huge part of the energy demands are settled and this reduces the power bills.

Solar systems have become common on the market and there are a number of vendors that sells them. You will also come across tons of professional solar installers that will make it easier for you to have access to solar power. These panels come in different sizes and as such, you can easily find one that will meet your demands. There is a constant awareness on the benefits of solar power and this has contributed to the popularity. If you are still not too sure about solar panels, here are some facts that you should note.

Solar energy is renewable and as such, you will not need to worry that it will run out or get drained. The sun will be there every day, which is an assurance of consistent power. If you are keen of conserving the environment, then the solar energy should be your best option. To get solar energy, there will be no fossils that are burned and as such, no toxic gases are released to the environment. The components of the solar system are reliable and as such, it will last for a long time. There are hardly any moving parts, which makes the system intact.

You will get thousands of hours of electricity through solar panels, without having to incur a lot of maintenance costs. One of the key benefits is that solar power is far much cheaper than electricity, in the long run. Once you incur the installation cost, you will powering up your appliances with free energy. This cannot be compared with the monthly bills that you have to incur. There is a wide range of solar panels to choose from and as such, it means that everyone can find one that suits their needs in the best way possible.

With the use of solar power, you will not be required to connect to a power grid. This makes you self-sufficient and no one will demand any monthly payments. Did you know you can actually make money from solar power? All you need to do is to have large solar panels, and distribute the electricity, that you tap from the sunlight, to your neighbors. This will help you recover the cost of installation and eventually start earning residual income.

As a way of encouraging the use of solar power, most governments provide incentives in the form of tax credits for people with solar panels. The rebates are about 30% of the cost of your solar panel system. You have every reason to get solar panels and this explains why they have become the talk of town.

Reasons to Consider Installing Solar Panels

With different seasons and climate changes, we are forced to adjust and make our home comfortable. During winter you will have to make arrangements how to keep your house warm, while in summer, you have to cool down the temperatures. All this comfort comes at a price, as your energy bills will keep escalating. Fortunately, there is a better solution, through solar panels. There are tons of benefits associated with solar power and we will look at some of the main ones. There are the key reasons for you to install solar panels:

Drastically Reduce Energy Bills

One of the gains of using solar power is that you will reduce and possibly eliminate energy bills. The only cost that you will have to incur is the initial cost of installation. You can use solar panels when there is sunlight and even when the sun does not appear. As such, even when you live in areas where it is cloudy, these solar panels still work, much as the power output will be lower than in areas with more sunlight.

Start Saving Money

Converting to solar power is a great investment and this allows you to start making savings right away. Have you ever calculated the amount of money that you spend on energy, annually? For an average homestead, the cost is usually about $3,000 per years and solar power offers you an option to make long-term savings. When you use solar power, there is a great advantage of the fact that you will be using it free of charge. This is renewable energy and as such, there is no single time when you will exhaust solar energy. You can take a look at some solar panel installation in Perth couple with qualified plumber especially now that we need a very reliable water supply and alternative source of electricity. Just click here if you want to visit the solar panel installation company or you can also visit this Solar Panel Installation page for more info.

Increase Resale Value of Your Home

When you install solar panels in your home, you will increase the resale value. Any home buyer understands the advantage of having solar panels installed. This means that when they buy the house, they will automatically stop spending so much on energy bills. Solar panels extend the life of your roof, as they act as a cover and protect from different weather elements. As long as the solar panels have been installed by a qualified installer, then you will have a great advantage in the event that you resell your home.

Conserve Environment

For those who are keen on conserving the environment, solar power is a great option. This energy is drawn from the sun and there are no chemicals used to make it. This is renewable energy and is safe for the environment. The other sources of energy are made from natural gas and coal, which are fossils and end up hurting the environment. These are the main causes of the drastic climatic changes and global warming.

These are some of the key benefits associated with solar energy and you should invest in them. You can have solar panels installed on the roof or on the land depending. Solar energy can be used to supply all your energy needs effectively, without having to incur the heavy costs.