How Does a Home Care Provider Work With Patients?

Home care is medical care or specialized care given by an adult caregiver at the person’s home, rather than primary care given in nursing homes or hospitals. It is not covered by Medicare. It is generally called in-home medical care, domiciliary care, or residential care. A person can receive home health care services through the same agency that provides health care insurance for their family.

A licensed social worker from a licensed home care agency will conduct a home assessment of your needs. They’ll ask about your medications, your family situation, and other things that may be relevant. These assessments are usually conducted in your home, so you don’t have to leave your home. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. Your healthcare provider will make suggestions, give you the facts and help you decide how best to get the kind of care you need.

The first step in a personalized care plan is meeting with your selected home care provider and establishing an ongoing relationship. You and your caregiver should both agree on a schedule and be consistent about it. Your caregiver may recommend a skilled nursing facility or suggest a medical home based on your specific needs.

Next, your caregiver and your family members will develop a personalized care plan using the information that you’ve provided. Your caregiver will draw up a medical chart of your daily activities and your medical history. He or she will include measurements of your height, weight, and other factors. These are used to match your size and weight to those of other family members.

After developing this medical record, your caregivers will develop a personalized care plan just for you. These plans will include your prescriptions, your medical history, any special diets you may need to follow, and other daily tasks. Your caregiver will then create daily activities and exercise plans that can be followed by your family members as well. This is so much more convenient than contacting different health care providers for care provided.

The final step in hiring a home care provider is working with your chosen provider. You and your caregiver should meet several times a week in order to work out a schedule and ongoing relationship. If your loved one is having difficulty getting in touch with you, they may want to go to a healthcare agency instead. You’ll have a more consistent level of communication with your healthcare team if you and your caregiver can meet regularly, even if it’s via phone.

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