Types of Home Care Workers

Home care is health care given by a qualified professional caregiver within the person’s home where the patient or old age needy person is staying, rather than care given in specialized nursing homes or hospitals. It is a kind of service provided by professionals who offer personal assistance to older people for whom it may be difficult to find caretakers or those who have special needs. The service may be voluntary or non-voluntary. Home care is also referred to as domiciliary care or social care.

There are various kinds of services that home care providers render. These may include but are not limited to aid in walking, cooking, bathing, dressing, transferring, medical assistance, companionship, medical monitoring, and transporting. To make an individual suitable as a suitable caregiver or to select the right caregiver for a particular person, a home care plan is required. This is prepared by the client’s or dependent’s family or by the home care provider for the care of their loved one.

The best caregiver for your loved one is someone who you know well and someone who has a genuine concern for your loved one. You should look for a person who has extensive knowledge of the medical conditions of your loved one and of his general habits and likes and dislikes. The person should also possess compassion and understanding. The person who will be the home care provider should be registered with the Medicaid program.

Home healthcare service is provided in various forms. One of the most important types of home care services is meal preparation, especially at night. A good caregiver makes sure that his patient does not suffer from hunger pangs during the night. The meals that are served to the patients should contain healthy foods so that they do not develop any vitamin deficiencies. They should also be accompanied by light snacks such as boiled eggs or slices of bread with light cheese.

Another type of home healthcare worker is called in for housekeeping. Such caregivers perform tasks that involve cleaning or tidying up the rooms. Some housekeepers do light housekeeping duties like dusting or vacuuming. They may even ask their clients to do some light laundry every day so that the room is kept clean and dry.

There are also different types of home caregivers. The term ‘in-home caregiver’ refers to a personal care worker who provides health screening, bathing, dressing, grooming, and similar personal care services to a client on his behalf. These services are usually performed in a care home or at home, but sometimes the personal care worker is hired to help and works in a hospital or other such institution. He can be either paid or an unpaid caregiver. The unpaid caregiver is not considered a licensed caregiver under the law.

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